Meet Kimberly & Chris from Yellow Robot

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Meet Kimberly & Chris from Yellow Robot!

  1. How did you both meet?
    We met downtown Burlington when Rude Native used to be on Brant Street. From there, we ended up working on a project together with a mutual client.
  2. Why did you start/open your business?
    We’ve been in business for almost 8 years and have expanded our business to include a custom, small-batch print shop.
    After years of operating our business on Guelph Line, we wanted to move closer to the core. We’ve been here for almost 4 years.
  3. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. (i.e. What is your unique offering?) 
    When it comes to marketing and communications, we are complete opposites. Chris is all things digital; he has a knack at tech and is constantly looking at how to create new, tech-savvy ways to do things. Kimberly has a background in PR and is the pen and paper and comms side of things. Events, marketing strategy, planning, and traditional media is her strength. Together, with our team, we have built a full-service, well-rounded agency that offers all areas of marketing, communications, strategy, and events. 60% of our clients are not-for-profits, which is a big part of why we are in business, to give back and help our community. Through the needs of our clients, we noticed a gap in offerings. Having to order 500 pens or t-shirts when you only need 5 doesn’t make sense, so we started to buy printing machines, from there we continued to grow our offerings, allowing our clients to be able to create small-batch, no limits, custom items.
  4. When did you open your business in Downtown Burlington? 
    After years of operating our business on Guelph Line, we wanted to move closer to the core. We’ve been here for almost 3 years.
  5. What made you choose Downtown Burlington? 
    We love the vibe of Downtown. Access to great coffee, quick lunches, dinner after work. You can often find us taking our meetings out of the office and into local restaurants and coffee shops Downtown. We love the community that exists in the core. In our own building, we have grown wonderful relationships with all the other businesses, working on print needs, marketing needs, etc. We love that!
  6. What other downtown businesses do you frequent and do business with?
    TD, Royal Bank, Culaccino, Joelle’s, Jeff’s Guy Shop, Tamp Coffee, The Pump on Brant, Crème de la Crème, Modern Love Jewellery, Paradiso, Joe Dogs, Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Stoner & Company Family Law, Spencer’s, Sunshine Doughnuts, WAVES, Little Pop Up Shoppe…. The list goes on and on!!!
  7. If you had a piece of advice for other couples starting a business together, to help them succeed, what would it be? 
    A strong sense of community and knowing where your strengths are in your team will take you far. We work on different ends of the business, each project managing our clients and tasks. Friendship and community will take you a long way. AND of course, we are very passionate about what we do and the clients we work with. We are proud of the heart of our company. #TheFutureIsYellow
  8. Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions?
    We’ll be having dinner from one of our Downtown favourites.

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