Joelle’s Celebrates 25 Year’s in Business

While Joelle is busy thanking her team and her patrons on the momentous achievement of a quarter century in business Downtown, the BDBA would be remiss in not thanking HER for this milestone.  Small businesses are built off of vision, grit and perseverance – three assets that Joelle has in spades!  From humble beginnings in a small store opened in 1996 Joelle has built a destination business with wide-spread brand recognition over the years.  No easy feat!

Joelle’s has prospered as the downtown changed around her, as the economy ebbed and flowed, as client tastes changed.  She has grown her business into an industry leader and emerged as epitome of small business success.  One that any downtown would be proud to call a destination.  From our team to Joelle’s team CONGRATULATIONS on this awesome achievement and we wish you 25 more successful years in the core.

From Joelle Cooling:

And just like that… it has been 25 years!! At 28 I took a chance on myself and have never looked back.

This past year and a half brought back similar fears, challenges, emotions, drive, exhaustion – an uncertainty of what could/would be ahead and the will to make it work!!

Same chair, older (and somewhat wiser) girl who is so very grateful for my partner Jeff and our boys, our incredible employees (past and present), and our community of customers who have proven to be the most loyal and kind people you could ever imagine. Together we have built this very special environment that continues to thrive, even in these very unique times.

We have lots of fun things in store throughout the year to help mark this milestone, from weekend brand features to fundraising initiatives! And when the time is right, we promise to do something epic!!!

For now – I am enjoying spending more time out in the store and connecting and reconnecting with all of you. THANK YOU for your continued support and confidence in us to steer your closets in the direction that works for you and makes you feel amazing!!! 

Much gratitude,