Talking Fit in the Core’s 10th Anniversary with Lisa-Marie Winning

The skies are getting brighter. The breeze is getting warmer. Summer is finally touching down here in Burlington Downtown. One great way to celebrate this seasonal treat is to get outside and stretch out, literally!

Fit in the Core is returning to Brock Park this year, and is celebrating a particularly exciting milestone – it’s the programs 10th Anniversary! We sat down with our Presenting Sponsor, Lisa-Marie Winning, Winning & Associates IG Private Wealth Management, to talk about the event and the importance of this 10th year.

Q: Fit in the Core is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, which is very exciting! As the Presenting Sponsor, what does this mean milestone mean to you?

A: I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating this milestone.  Fit In The Core has grown into a Downtown Burlington Summer staple and I absolutely love seeing the members of our community, families and friends arriving for a community fitness class each week.

Q: As well as the 10th anniversary of the event, how excited are you to be returning to the outdoor class setting?

A: Last year we felt very lucky to be able to transition back to outdoor events, but I think this year is very special because we can have a larger group, more vendors and our Downtown restaurants and shops are all open to welcome everyone post workout.  It feels like we are getting back to what Fit In The Core was always about.

Q: What inspires you most about Fit in the Core?

A: In my business we talk about and plan for financial wellness but what a lot of people don’t realize is that overall health and wellness really contributes to your ability to achieve financial wellness.  Fit In The Core is a great way to get your body moving on a Sunday morning which creates a healthy mindset and ultimately helps reduce stress and improves your focus and attention to other areas of your life.

Q: If there was one key message you’d like to share with our attendees this year, what would that message be?

A: Fit In The Core is an event for everyone!  Whether you are new to fitness or you are looking for your 5th workout of the week, we have something for everyone.  It’s family friendly and we love to see your furry family members too.  It’s about a community coming together each week.

Q: As a Burlington Downtown resident, how does it feel to be such a big part of this legacy event in our community?

A: When I moved to Downtown Burlington in 2007, I quickly realized that the Core was a special place.  Through the years I have felt increasingly lucky to have been welcomed and I attribute a lot of that to my involvement with Burlington Downtown and the events we support.  I have met incredible people with a common goal – let’s make Downtown Burlington THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE!

Q: What are your biggest aspirations for Fit in the Core 2022?

A: To be able to welcome our friends from past seasons, to meet brand new attendees, and to fill the Downtown core with people who are supporting our local businesses.

Q: When it comes to the types of classes offered at Fit in the Core, what’s your go to?

A: Oh, this is a good question!  I actually love them all!  I love a good sweat session with lots of cardio, I’m a lover of Pilates and Yoga and I have been known to try my dance moves out as well 😊






Fit in the Core is a free one-hour class led by downtown fitness and wellness experts. This series features everything from bootcamps to yoga, Pilates and a variety of dance classes. Classes are held every Sunday from June 5th to September 25th, 10am to 11am at Brock Park. All that is required is a yoga mat and a water bottle.

Click here for class information and scheduling.

In the event of rain, the class will be cancelled. All cancellations will be posted to our social media networks and updated on this event website. Please follow us @DTBURLINGTONON via Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Fit in the Core is presented by Lisa-Marie Winning, Winning & Associates IG Private Wealth Management, and proudly sponsored by Mallord Farm Inc.