About Downtown Burlington

What exactly does the Burlington Downtown Business Association do?

The organization is a not–for-profit association responsible for the vitalization and promotion of our vibrant Downtown business community. All property owners, and commercial tenants who pay a portion of the property tax, pay a special levy that funds the organization. These funds constitute the organization’s budget and allow the Board and their sub committees to execute programs and events with great volunteer support of the membership on behalf of all of the members within our boundaries.

The Association promotes our dense commercial area as a vibrant business and shopping district. Through the use of promotional activities such as special events, advertising, and beautification programs, we aim to keep the area foremost in the public’s mind as an attractive, pleasant place to shop, to be entertained, to work, and to live. We want to make the quality of life for our Downtown businesses and services better.

We have adopted a corporate ethic that ensures we are: “connecting business and leisure by the lake”. This is what we strive to do.

Our efforts are dedicated to ensuring a healthy economic environment for our community and making our Downtown a better place to shop, dine, live, work, invest, visit and play!