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Meet the Owner at Downtown Pet Shop

Get to know the people behind your favourite places & spaces in downtown Burlington! We’ll be introducing you to new owners & businesses throughout the year!

This week, meet Michelle Nichol, Owner, Downtown Pet Shop

1. Why did you start your business?

I’ve always had a strong love and admiration for animals of all kinds my entire life. My background is in holistic nutrition and I realized so much of what I learnt with holistic nutrition, could also be applied to the health and well being of my own animals. I was able to reverse their ailments by food, supplementation and herbals. Once I saw for myself that it worked for them, I figured I had to share my passion and understanding to all other pet parents out there.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

My life is dedicated to my animals. I wouldn’t be where I am and who I am without them. They are what lead me to creating Downtown Pet Shop and have been my guiding force through it all. My shop has everything from great quality food choices, supplements, herbals, , grooming supplies, treats, baked goods, toys, collars, leashes, beds, cleaning supplies, ceramics, home decor, dog mom apparel, candles and more. My unique offering would be my own genuine understanding and support to all pet parents out there wanting to know more about maximizing their animal companions health. I offer a safe space with no judgement ever.

3. What made you choose Downtown Burlington to open your business?

Opportunity and community. Downtown Burlington overall was the perfect setting that I would want to have a business located and we really needed a pet shop located conveniently right downtown.

4. What other downtown businesses do you frequent and do business with?

  • Pure Hair and Colour Group (I only trust Derek with my hair)
  • Body Language Spa (Nancy and Teresa are fabulous at what they do and pamper you silly)
  • I love to dine at Downtown Bistro, Lettuce Love, Burro, Son of a Peach and Martini House
  • I love Pure Boutique, Centro and The Handmade House to shop at for fun finds

5. You’ve got three “unique” employees – tell us a little bit about Luna, Kelso and Rosie … what do they bring to the Downtown Pet Shop team?

Luna is my sweetheart of a rescue kitty who loves cuddles and non-stop affection. Kelso my white shepherd husky is my big baby boy rescue pup and the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Rosie my corgi, is the biggest mamas girl and sassiest yet funniest dog I’ve ever came across. They bring me lots of educational moments, lots of laughs, lots of cuddles, lots of patience and whole lot of unconditional love and loyalty.

6. If you could ask your pets anything … what would you ask them, and what do you think their responses would be?

Me: What do you dream of?

Luna: cuddles, food, treats, pets, scratching mat, cuddles, treats, cuddles, cuddles, cuddles

Kelso: dogs, playing with dogs, running with dogs, barking with dogs, jumping with dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs

Rosie: being with mom, sleeping with mum, walking with mama, eating with mummy, going upstairs with ma, going downstairs with mom, go to the bathroom with mama, go in the car with mom, be at mamas feet, follow mama everywhere, where’s mom?


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