International Women’s Day: Meet Dr. Rose

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating by featuring some of Downtown Burlington’s female business owners & managers! With so many incredible business owners downtown we turned to our community to help us in the selection process by nominating a female business owner that inspires you.


Meet Dr. Rose Jeans, Owner and Medical Director of Advanced Rejuvenation. The following was submitted for her Women’s Day nomination: “Dr. Rose goes above and beyond when it comes to helping her clients feel good about themselves. She truly listens with her heart regarding their needs and then gently administers their treatments. She is constantly searching science based solutions.”

We asked her a few questions:
What was the defining moment for you? When did you know that this was your career path?As a 40+ year old physician, I was invited to a weekend conference on Aesthetic Medicine. At that time, I had no idea what aesthetic medicine could do, and figured that my only options for my aging face and poor skin were a face lift or nothing. That weekend, I learned about lasers, botox, fillers, and skincare, and with each thing I learned about, I kept saying “I want that treatment.” By the time the weekend was over, I knew that I wanted to provide all of these services as well.

Who helped you get where you are today/influenced you to achieve your current accomplishments? My mother. My mother was a nurse and a social activist. She brought us up in a culture of fighting for human rights, women’s rights, voting rights, access to healthcare and birth control. My siblings and I always vote. And she always encouraged me to aim higher. As a teen I told her I was thinking about doing nursing and she told me no, do medicine.

As a celebrated successful female, what advice do you have for the next generation of successful women? Follow your dreams. When you come across something and it makes everything inside you do a happy dance, that’s what you should be doing. Follow that. And be yourself in your business. There’s an ass for every saddle so don’t feel like you have to conform to what some other successful business is doing. You’re going to be exactly the right fit for your own group of clients.

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