International Women’s Day: Meet Asia

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating by featuring some of Downtown Burlington’s female business owners & managers! With so many incredible business owners downtown we turned to our community to help us in the selection process by nominating a female business owner that inspires you.


Meet Asia Maruszak, Co-owner, Tattoo Artist, Soap Maker, Painted People Tattoo Co. who was nominated for “embodying the meaning of a Burlington Downtown ambassador, having inspired hundreds of people from Hamilton to Ajax to visit Burlington downtown on her invitation / advertising. Joanna successfully runs and operates Painted People Tattoos / Soapy Penguin Natural Skincare at 472 Elizabeth Avenue, which is quickly becoming a popular art related destination in downtown core. Through that work, she mentors other strong woman on a regular basis, inspiring them to become better artists and generally better people (currently, she is mentoring a Sheridan Art College student who was a past winner of Burlington Art in Action award). As a proud owner of 4 businesses (2 locations), she manages to effectively split her time between family, her work, her passion (art), cats and friends.”

We asked Asia a few questions:

What was the defining moment for you? When did you know that this was your career path?
Almost immediately. When I did my first tattoo on skin I knew that this was something I could do for the rest if my life.

Who helped you get where you are today/influenced you to achieve your current accomplishments?
Definitely my amazing and supportive husband Nick! He is always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and has been a very positive influence, not only in my career but also in life.

As a celebrated successful female, what advice do you have for the next generation of successful women?
Don’t give up, you can do anything you put your mind to. And most importantly, learn to ignore negativity from others! Don’t let anyone talk you out of achieving your goals and dreams.

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