Checking In & Checking It Out: An Introduction to Burlington Downtown

Burlington, Ontario.

Maybe it’s where you live. Maybe it’s where your friends and loved ones live. Maybe it’s where you’re planning on visiting. However you slice it, wherever you’re coming from, there is so much to see and do in this beautiful city. Burlington Downtown has so much to offer. From sites and local businesses, to events and animations, the options in your day feels limitless.

You love your community and want to show it off with pride to your out of town guests. So where do you start?

The BDBA, through partnership with Burlington Economic Development, is thrilled to launch its new initiative, working to showcase our Downtown to out of town guests and visitors. Starting January 2023, hotels across the Burlington area will feature QR code information “portals”. These points of access will offer a direct link to all the programs, happenings and events taking place in Burlington Downtown each month.

How does it work? When checking in at one of the following hotels, guests can scan the in-room QR code, usually located on the mirror or desk, and have direct access to frequently updated community happenings & events. With each month bringing something new and exciting, you’ll never miss a beat on the action.

Participating hotels:

Whether you’re welcoming family for a yearly tradition, inviting friends for a weekend away, or simply taking the time to see your own city in a new light, stay connected with all that’s happening in Burlington Downtown.

Explore. Discover. Experience. Because hey, it’s all here.