The Burlington Downtown GIFT CARD has Arrived!

The Burlington Downtown GIFT CARD is here! You can now give the gift of shopping local here in our community. The Burlington Downtown GIFT CARD is redeemable at a variety of small businesses in our downtown core, from retail and shopping, to health and wellness.

Feel free to discover all that Burlington Downtown has to offer. Come downtown to celebrate that first day of school with an ice cream cone surprise, buy your mom her favourite chocolates, celebrate a 10th anniversary night out, buy baby’s first book, book a mani-pedi with your BFF, take a break from cooking dinner, start your morning off with a cup of coffee and a yoga class and so much more.

The Burlington Downtown GIFT CARD is a commitment to supporting neighbours in your community. Thank you for your support; we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful downtown.

How does it work? Click on the SHOP NOW button below to learn more.