The Block Co. featured on Inside Halton

‘Social Speak Easy’: This Burlington business gives you amazing cheese and charcuterie

– Written by Nikki Wesley via Inside Halton
While brainstorming what sort of business he wanted to open, Troy Smith couldn’t find anywhere to get a quality charcuterie board. In that moment, he had an epiphany and The Block Co. was born.

Walking in the front door you find charcuterie boards for sale, a fridge full of fine meats and cheeses, and other giftable treats. Passing through this space, you enter the lounge. Smith explained when designing the area he didn’t want a restaurant environment where you sit at a table and order from a menu. He wanted something more personal.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere where you come in and treat this like your own house, except you don’t have to clean up,” said Smith.

Co-owner Andy Hrstic explained there is no menu offered, servers ask a few questions and then boards are tailored to the size, budget and preferences of the customers.

“The variety of flavours and textures appeals to large groups and helps introduce them to something new. If you find a new favourite cheese you can purchase it on your way out,” said Hrstic.

Paired with craft beers or a nice bottle of wine The Block provides a space free of distracting televisions where you can catch up with friends and meet new ones, all while enjoying charcuterie. Some evenings, the staff watch as different groups of customers mingle and a real sense of community emerges, exactly the “social speak-easy” feel Smith was hoping for.

In addition to in house charcuterie, they also offer a take out service with a twist on BYOB – Bring your own Board. You can bring your personal charcuterie board in and they will create a charcuterie within your budget to wow guests at a house party or take as a hostess gift.

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