Burlington Downtown & The Not-so-terrible Two’s

Chances are you’ve heard it before: for every year we grow, there is a saying that follows. First comes the “One-der Year,” quickly followed by the aptly named “Terrible Two’s”. However, this author’s humble opinion is that not every second birthday brings something terrible. In fact, the very opposite is true, at least for us.

It’s Burlington Downtown and the NOT-So-Terrible Two’s celebration! Whose birthday are we celebrating, you might hear yourself asking? Well, dear reader, the BDBA is celebrating its downtown Gift Card program’s second birthday, and there is NOTHING terrible about being invited to this party!

The Burlington Downtown Gift Card program has been going through two incredible years and has heard many (MANY!) wonderful stories about the excitement and success of this tiny but mighty card. From celebrating birthdays of their own, to showing appreciation to a friend and all things in between, the love from our community has not gone unnoticed. We want to celebrate this birthday year with YOU by doubling the fun.

From Wednesday, May 1st through Sunday, May 5th, for every $50.00 you purchase in Burlington Downtown Gift Cards* we’ll pump up your gift card purchase by $25.00 ON US! You buy $50.00, we will gift you $25.00. You scoop up a $100.00 card, and we’ll gift you $50.00! See, not so terrible after all, right?

Double up on the experiences in our small business community; there’s so much to see and do! Whether it’s dinner + theatre, sipping + shopping, coffee + relaxation, or walking + wellness, celebrate in style while supporting our local small business community.

Two times the cards, two times the fun, two times the local love.

So, pop on those party hats, grab the streamers and get ready to celebrate because it’s our party, and we’ll cry (tears of joy!) if we want to.

It’s all here!

Click to purchase today.

*Max $150.00 purchased per person. Gift Cards can be purchased in denominations of one (1x) singular card valued at $150.00 or a combination of cards valued at $150.00 max collectively. Should the purchase value exceed $150.00, only $75.00 will be provided in Top-Up card value. Applicable in-store at Simply Gifted Burlington, Tourism Burlington & Joseph Brant Hospital Gift Shop and online for both Click & Collect (local pick-up) and Mail out orders. Valid May 1st – May 5th, 2024, only.  Purchases made before or after this date are NOT eligible. Orders placed online for both Click & Collect (local pick-up) and Mail out orders are subject to a fulfilment window of 3-5 business days from day of purchase.