Fit in the Core @ Home

This year, join us ONLINE every Sunday — free of charge. A new workout video each week, from our Downtown Burlington Fitness Providers!

We’re excited to launch Fit in the Core @ Home with our 8th season going virtual! It all kicks off this Sunday, July 26th and will extend into the fall. Every week, we’ll be posting a new video featuring a different class and instructor from our downtown fitness community. This new online series will allow anyone to take part in Fit in the Core no matter where they are whether it’s at the cottage or at home while sampling what our downtown fitness providers have to offer. The series has something for everyone featuring everything from bootcamps to yoga, Pilates and various dance classes.

Presenting the season this year is Lisa-Marie Winning, Winning & Associates Private Wealth Management. Lisa-Marie has over twenty years of experience in wealth management and financial planning. “I am so excited to be back as the Presenting Sponsor of Fit In The Core,” says Lisa-Marie Winning. “At Winning & Associates we help our clients achieve financial wellness but we know that health and physical wellness are an integral part in being able to achieve the financial piece.  That’s why this initiative is so important to us and why we look forward to sponsoring it year after year.”

When: Sunday July 26th — November 8th
Time: New videos will be posted every Sunday at 10am
Where: Each class below will be linked to our YouTube on the day scheduled

Click on each class for drop-down video of the week & full descriptions.

Join Allison Arruda, owner of BENCHMARK Fitness for a sweaty full body HIIT circuit workout! All you’ll need is a mat, water and your high vibe energy! She’ll lead you through a demonstration of 6 exercises first and then we’ll grab a sip of water, get our timer ready and get to work! Timing is 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest between each exercise.You can repeat this circuit a few times for a longer workout for whatever you and your body are feeling.
If you’re up for the challenge take this workout outdoors to soak up some all natural Vitamin D and do 3 rounds – you got this!! ????????

Music Driven Body Toning — Say “Bye Bye” to gym intimidation and boredom. danceTONE @danceScape is a FUN medium to higher cardio fitness program that incorporates Ballroom, Salsa/Latin, Swing/Jive and other dance steps. Students tracking their cardio fitness progress with fitbits and pedometers have achieved up to 5,500 steps in 55 minutes. Warm-Up begins with breathing and stretching exercises followed by a fun fusion of easy-to-learn Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Charleston, Swing/Jive, and Tango steps that strengthen, tighten and slim the arms, abs, buns, thighs and calves.

Grab a chair, or a sturdy railing for this barre-yoga fusion class. We’ll be toning the body through classic standing exercises, followed by stretching the body with gentle yoga poses. A perfect combination for lengthening and strengthening the full body!

Quick and effective glute and leg workout! This workout is perfect for when you need a quick burn but don’t have a ton of time. You can also use this class in combination with any other Fit in the Core videos or double up on this class for a full workout.

This Panthers inspired hybrid workout requires no equipment but not to worry you will feel the burn and sweat! It includes lower body/upper body and some serious core exercises to finish up! 14 exercises, 3 sets of each, timing: 35/20, 1 lap!
This workout can be done inside or outside with a mat.

Join Yoga Instructor Reanna in this 1-hour All-level flow Vinyasa class where you will leave feeling relaxed and mindful. Props (i.e. blocks, blankets, straps) are welcome but optional. Playlist – BPHC YOGA 6.18 on Spotify by reannayoga. Join Reanna Thursdays at 7 PM for Virtual Yoga, all levels welcome! Search BPHC on Mindbody to sign up.

Not your typical boring Mat class. Designed to get the body warm + the blood flowing, your core will feel the challenge as we build strength + endurance through every hold + transition.

Where do you go when you have graduated from the ‘competitive world’ or just simply cannot find a class that is meant for adult dancers… Open Level. Choreography Based. Hip Hop comes in many forms and styles. This class will be going into hip hop culture and movements through the art of dance.

Owner and personal trainer Jess has a full body circuit workout for you that involves 6 exercises that’ll have you burning calories in no time!

Join owner, Allison Arruda, for a quick 10 minute AB + BOOTY Burn! All you’ll need is a mat, water, resistance band or ankle weights if you have them and your beautiful positive energy! You’ll work through a combination of lower body and core moves on your mat with a variety of reps (16- her favorite number!), pulses + holds.This is a quick but effective sculpting workout.
Let’s do it!! ????

This 45 minute Hybrid Workout (cardio and resistance) is called “Dora The Explorer”…..because all you need is a backpack! Grab a heavy and light backpack (fill with household items) and get an awesome home workout!
10 Stations: 40 work/15 rest, 4 laps total

This is Dianne and Peter from the Burlington Physiotherapy & Health Clinic. They are both Personal Trainers and Group Class Coaches at the clinic and have been hosting virtual group training for past couple months. Here is a mini demo on what goes on in their classes, no equipment needed just a little space to get a great HIIT workout in at home! Join them and the BPHC community every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm. Sign up on MindBody or visit their website for more info, first week FREE trial or $45+HST for your first 30 days! The world may be on a small pause but that doesn’t mean your body needs to be too, join to get your body moving in the right way! Search Burlington Physiotherapy & Health Clinic on Mindbody to sign up. We currently offer virtual classes during COVID, and extending our offer of 1 week free to try us out online and another 1 week free when we begin to offer in studio classes again. The other option is a 30 day trial of unlimited classes for only $45+HST when we re-open for new members only! Just mention that you participated in the virtual Fit in the Core with us and we will apply it to your account with us.

Stretching, gentle cardio and muscle toning to inspirational Ballroom, Swing and Latin Dance for greater mobility (range of motion), flexibility, (chronic) pain management and stress relief.

We’re firing up every layer of the abs in this deep core class. Beginning with the fundamental core breath and deepening the practice through energizing and effective mat pilates moves!

Jess owner of Bar None Fitness has a quick burner for us! All you need is your towel and a mat! In this full body circuit workout you’ll doing a total of 7 exercises for 10 reps each.
Double up if you want a longer workout or pair it another Fit in the Core class!

Where do you go when you have graduated from the ‘competitive world’ or just simply cannot find a class that is meant for adult dancers… Open Level. Choreography Based. Hip Hop comes in many forms and styles. This class will be going into hip hop culture and movements through the art of dance.

Participate for your chance to win $100 weekly giveaways to downtown businesses!
Every week we’ll be giving away one $100 gift certificate towards a downtown business to a participant of Fit in the Core @ Home!  To enter: simply submit a picture or video of yourself participating in the weekly Fit in the Core @ Home workout on social media Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging or direct messaging @DTBurlingtonON, using the hashtag #FITC2020 or you can e-mail us a picture at events@burlingtondowntown.ca. Videos will be posted on Sundays and participants have until Friday at Noon to enter the draw. Winners will be drawn at random every Friday afternoon.

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All videos were created by Lauren Maharaj Creative Film.