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Village Square
Posted: Aug 29, 2019

Depending on your age and how often you have patronized Downtown over the years nearly everyone it seems has some connection with Village Square.

Some people feel it is owned by the City of Burlington, others believe it to be a designated historical district. While neither is true, one thing is certain it has been synonymous with the downtown experience for well over forty years. Have you been there lately? The commercial Renaissance is remarkable.

Village Square was the brainchild of the late Jack Friedman. Built in the late 1970’s his idea was to “create a marketplace experience designed to transport the visitor to a simpler time when public shopping bazaar teamed with unique products sold by vendors who knew you by name”. A walk through Village Square today reveals a spate of exciting new specialty shops, services, restaurants and salons close to Jack’s vision.

The Square’s unique historic and replica structures, wrapped in authentic Victorian architecture have always been its trademark. And like all parts of the downtown it has seen good times and bad times with changing economic circumstances. The Village Square of 2019 is clearly a high point – a strong collection of over thirty commercial offerings for the most discerning shopper.

In the last year alone, the BDBA has celebrated as several new businesses chose to call the Village home: a photographer, a rotating pop-up shop, a custom apparel & print shop, a therapist and more. And the new businesses keep coming!

Combine these with veteran trendy restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops for the quilter, home audio enthusiast or cigar aficionado in your family an amazing collection of professional services. The result? A commercial powerhouse all on one block!

Years ago Village Square was the defining feature of our burgeoning small business district. Today it is Downtown’s eastern anchor with many exciting experiences around every corner. You owe yourself the opportunity to get reacquainted.

View Village Square business directory & map here.


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