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Winter Travel Tips
Posted: Dec 10, 2015

If your winter plans include travel, there are several natural remedies that will help reduce stress, keep the packing light and help you to feel refreshed!
The experts in downtown Burlington have some invaluable tips and advice. As with anything, be sure to discuss any supplements or recommendations with your health care provider and Naturopath.

As a first step in travel prep, downtown based Naturopath Dr. Jordan Robertson BHSc. ND RAc, suggests determining your body’s Vitamin D level. Vitamin D is a nutrient that has been shown to improve white blood cell counts, and reduce the likelihood of developing upper respiratory tract infections (colds). “Being Canadian, we are all likely Vitamin D deficient and knowing your level can help us understand what your dose should be,” said Dr. Robertson. “Probiotics, Vitamin C and Echinacea are also excellent preventive nutrients for colds and flus, that help pilots, flight attendants and frequent travellers from getting sick while they fly.”

After you’ve laid out your suitcase and made your packing list, visit the mother daughter team Monique and Saska Bisenberg at Anise Natural Apothecary. After years in the retail health industry in the UK, the two world travelers returned to Canada to open up their current store focusing on holistic beauty from the inside out.

Holidays and stress are synonymous for a lot of people. The Bisenbergs recommend essential oils, which when applied topically can reduce stress. “Most have antibacterial effects which provide protection especially when flying. Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Frankincense are ideal for reducing stress and anxiety and work well together. Canadian companies Province Apothecary and Vitruvi have specially formulated roll-ons containing these oils and come in a convenient pocket/purse-size for on the go.”

If the thought of spending extended time with the family makes you anxious, our experts agree, a dose of green tea, will help calm the nerves. Green tea contains Theanine – an amino acid that aids in calming and focusing the mind.

Dr. Robertson’s advice for managing stress also includes the mineral, magnesium. “Aside from addressing food, exercise and hydration (all of which usually go by the wayside during times of stress) you can also manage your stress response by using vitamins and minerals. Magnesium is a natural anti-anxiety mineral that is tough to get in our North American diet.”

To rejuvenate tired eyes, Monique suggests Eyebright by Fitglow Beauty, an under eye concealer that doubles as an anti-ageing treatment containing coffee seed oil rich in caffeine to reduce puffiness.

In order to keep the toiletry bag light, the Bisenbergs like dual-purpose products such as Graydon’s “All Over Soap” which comes in a convenient pump and can be used for hair and body. Another compact cleanser is Juicy Bamboo wipes. Rich in honey and vitamin E they leave the skin hydrated and provide antibacterial protection.

When it comes to sunscreen Monique likes zinc oxide based products to create a natural barrier against harsh rays. She adds that red raspberry seed and coconut oil also have naturally occurring SPF’s and help keep the skin hydrated when exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

The Bisenbergs’ “must have” list for travels:

– Kaia Natural Juicy Bamboo cleansing wipes

-Consonant tinted moisturizer with SPF 30

-Vitruvi ‘Balance’ aromatherapy oil for unwanted holiday stress

-Rahua voluminous dry shampoo for in between shampoos or ‘no time to shower’ busy days.

-May Lindstrom ‘Jasmine Garden’ toner spray for face and hair to refresh, hydrate and relax the senses!

-Wedderspoon manuka honey lozenges

-Raw chocolate


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