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Holiday DIY Decor
Posted: Nov 10, 2016

If you are looking to add some personal touches to your holiday décor this year, simple DIY pieces can add dramatic effect for little cost. And, you can be proud of your creations! We asked the experts at Centro Garden for some ideas with less than ten steps, to dress up the holiday table.

Manager, Jennifer Klassen has two suggestions that will fit with any décor. “The Birch Vase Candles are really versatile. Combinations of three to five at varying heights can be used on the dining table, a side table, mantle or hutch. And they fit with any décor; the branches are rustic, while the crystal pieces add a little bling.”

“The Festive Centerpieces make any holiday table sophisticated. And, depending on your palette, you can use traditional colours of red and green, or make it more contemporary using lime green and white plants.”

Centro Garden is located on Brant Street, and offers several workshops throughout the year, and particularly in time for the holidays. Check out the options at centrogarden.com

Birch Vase CandlesCentro Garden Water Candles 2


1  Choose clear glass cylinder vases to suit your decor.  Typically they should be 4” in diameter and anywhere from 12-24” in height.  It looks nice to have 3 or 5 in a grouping.

2  Cut birch tips to fit into your vases.  The birch tips should be 2” shorter than the vase once inserted.

3  Nestle a glass chunk into the ‘v’ of the birch tip.  Use slender wire to hold the glass chunk in place by wrapping the wire around the birch tips and glass chunk several times.  Repeat.  We like to see about 5 or 6 glass chunks in each vase.

4  Fill the vase with water.

5  Float a candle in the water, light and enjoy!


Festive Table CentrepieceCentro Garden Workshop Holiday Centrepiece


1  Choose a container to plant in such as a large glass footed bowl.

2  Line the bowl with sheet moss.

3  Choose your plants.  Red plants offer a more traditional holiday feel, whereas white and lime green plants tend to feel more modern.

4  Select your tallest plants – cypress, norfolk pine- and group them in the centre of your bowl.  Then choose medium sized plants –  poinsettias, calandiva, ferns, and add them next.  The shortest plants – ivy, polka dot plant –  should be added last around the edges.

5  Fill in between the plants with soil.

6  Place sheet moss on top of the soil for decorative purposes.


This article was part of the 2016 Downtown Burlington Holiday Guide in partnership with Look Local Magazine. Find the full guide online here. 

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