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Fall Fashion Trends
Posted: Oct 4, 2017

Comfort with a Sophisticated Palette this Fall

At first glance the clothing this season will seem dark compared to the colours of summer. When you dig right in there are lots of details and a very sophisticated picture being painted for fall.

Although there are a lot neutral greys, greens, blacks, even navy (always great investments), there are some surprising hues that add life to these muted backdrops.

Pink is an amazing accent colour. Coined “millennial pink” the look is not girly but soft and calming.

The trend of fall florals is where you will see a lot of colour popping in. Again, the florals are less girly and more rich in tone.

Bright shots of red will also wake up the palette.

As for styling, sleeve details are definitely making a statement, picking up where the shoulder show left off. Tiered, tied, belled, oversized, sometimes voluminous. Off the shoulder moves forward (best in the months with no coats) and cut out shoulders and choker looking cut outs at the neck have evolved.

Velvet is not just for party season this year. It’s been translated to denim, leggings, tops, jackets and dresses and is meant to be worn any time. Pair it back to simple pieces – velvet jeans with a great white blouse, a t-shirt under a velvet blazer, sneakers with an easy velvet dress.

Athleisure is a movement. athletic stripes, styled-up sweats, layering. The comfort meets style philosophy is being widely embraced. Even forward men’s collections show athletic cuffs on suit bottoms. It will be interesting to see if this look translates to the business world.

Look to the ankles for some fun trends in denim. Step hems, frayed hems, jagged and uneven hems!

Olivia Cameron, denim buyer at Joelle’s, is excited about these hems and more. Plush velvet fabrics, prints and patches, leather and lace, and even some ruffles were on her orders. Not so daring? Do not fear. Good, clean denim is as stylish as ever and even more comfortable.

While fashion continues to tempt and excite us, comfort seems to be key. The cozier the fabric, the faster it sells. Look for lots of super cozy fabrics in all commodities and get ready to embrace Fall 2017!

Joelle Goddard-Cooling
and her husband Jeff Cooling are the owners of Joelle’s and Jeff’s Guyshop and are partners with Lou Frasca and Dan Bishop at Scrivener’s Men’s Apparel. All three businesses are located on Brant Street in Downtown Burlington.

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