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Chef Adam - In His Own Words
Posted: Jun 13, 2013
My philosophy on food is using great ingredients and treating them with simple cooking techniques so that they are able to shine. Its important to use ingredients that are in season and are as local as possible. Treating ingredients with simple techniques allows their true flavour to shine though, and in my opinion takes a much finer touch so flavours are not pretentious or over-complicated. What you can expect from the menu at Paradiso is a menu of great flavours, prepared well, and treated with respect.
My most recent menu was written using the last 20 years of Paradiso menus as inspiration. I still wanted to keep the menu true to myself and my style of cooking, which is simple techniques with great ingredients and very full of flavour. Our open concept kitchen allows our guests to see what we do and to be a part of the dining experience from the kitchen’s point of view.
Some of my favourite flavour combinations to use are ones that you wouldn’t expect. Also using flavours that are classic combinations but prepared in a less traditional manner. .. allowing guests to come out to dinner to experience a meal that you wouldn’t normally think to make at home. Being conscious of an ingredient’s origins and cooking it in the style of its origin.

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