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Temporary Outdoor Patios
Posted: Jun 14, 2020

In order to accommodate physical distancing measures and allow more room for restaurants to extend their patios temporarily, sidewalks will be closing in certain locations commencing Friday, June 26th. Pedestrians will be redirected to the roadway, where a new walkway will be created. This will result in the removal of some on-street parking on Brant St and John St and the removal of one westbound travel lane on Lakeshore Rd. The on-street parking and reduction of the travel lane will only occur in the area of the sidewalk closures. Ramping will be provided at the start/end of each sidewalk closure to accommodate and ensure accessibility.

Limits/Location – VIEW MAP HERE.

  • Brant St (east side only) – Wendel’s to Pine St.
  • John St (west side only) – Lakeshore Rd. to Pine St.
  • Lakeshore Rd (north side only) – Elizabeth St. to Locust St.

To view a list of patios open for business please click here.

In support of COVID-19 recovery, the City of Burlington is permitting Temporary Outdoor Patios through a streamed lined process effective June 18, 2020 to January 1, 2021. View original page on the City of Burlington website here.

Temporary Outdoor Patios on Private Property

Temporary outdoor patios on private property are permitted in association with a legally existing restaurant in a non-residential zone in accordance with By-law 2020.421, and amendment to the Zoning By-law which includes a temporary use by-law and by-law to regulate temporary outdoor patios.

Temporary outdoor patios or temporary patio expansion are permitted, subject to an expedited review process, as follows:

  1. Temporary outdoor patios or temporary patio expansions within a required parking area or space, or on an existing internal walkway, sidewalk or other hard surfaced area.
  2. Temporary outdoor patios or temporary patio expansions must be adjacent to the existing restaurant
  3. The provision of accessible parking and associated walkways shall be maintained at all times
  4. Patio seating cannot exceed 100% of the capacity of the existing restaurant.
  5. temporary Outdoor Patios are not permitted in a required landscape area or landscape buffer
  6. Any recreation and/or entertainment uses are not permitted on temporary Outdoor Patios
  7. Temporary outdoor patios or temporary patio expansions are permitted unless expressly prohibited by the Zoning By-law
  8. In accordance with the Temporary Patios on Private Property Application and Guidelines Document, AGCO Liquor Licence requirements and other legislative requirements.

Download application for Temporary Outdoor Patio.

For questions or assistance with the application process for Downtown or Private Property applications, please contact Jenna Puletto, Special Business Area Coordinator at 289-983-6308 or jenna.puletto@burlington.ca


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