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Peachy Pizza Pies
Posted: Apr 28, 2015

Peachy Pizza Pies in Downtown Burlington

Everything was definitely Peachy on Sunday afternoon when my wife said, “Hey, do you want to go to Son of a Peach for lunch?”


I had heard good things of the Pine Street pizzeria.  Seeing their tantalizing pies on Twitter last week had sparked my interest.  So off we went.

soapmainpngI’ve been a huge fan of the Pine Street businesses since I stepped foot into the Village Cigar and Barber Shop last summer.  The look of the Village buildings makes you want to step inside the old-school space.

Before I get into the good stuff, I will say that if you’re looking for a slice of pizza you might have late on a Friday night, you won’t find that here.  They elevate their pies to traditional glory.  Using fresh, gourmet ingredients, it’s guaranteed that they serve quality food.

When you think of pizza, your mind may jump to thick crust, cheese and slices of pepperoni. That may be your traditional Pizza Pizza or Pizzaville pizza, but it won’t be found here. Authentic pizza is commonly made with a thin, crispy crust with a focus on the toppings, and of course the cheese.


We ordered the wild mushroom pizza.  The small size was perfect, and we even had leftovers! The fresh mozzarella was amazing; it was creamy and gooey, providing the perfect bed for the toppings. Rich, earthy mushrooms could have fooled any foodie into thinking there was meat on the pizza.  They were succulent and delicious!


But before you dive into a pie, if I may make a suggestion, you need to try the garlic knots. If you like fresh bread, garlic and cheese, these are a must.  They are the traditional garlic bread brought to another level.  From where we sat, we watched as they were tossed in oil, put into a bowl and then had more oil drizzled over top of them.  These delights are then topped with a hearty helping of fresh parmesan. The leftover goodness is great to keep for your meal, because it is perfect to dip your crusts in.

Some like to read reviews on their restaurant choice before sitting down; I am one of those people.  One common complaint that I found was about the cost.  If you’re going to compare it to other pizza places, you will be sorely disappointed.  The idea of paying for what you get is never truer here.  Son of a Peach has quality product, quality service and is a great addition to the downtown community.


Give them a try!

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