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Patti's Perfect Day
Posted: Apr 1, 2014

A sunny Saturday morning, so perfect for a stroll,

In downtown Burlington to regenerate my soul.


First stop is Second Cup for my thirst to quench,

Then off to Spencer Smith Park for the view from a bench.


Then a walk to Fairhome to shop for home decor,

Carrying new items home never seems like a chore.


A stop at Brant Florists to buy flowers by the bunch,

All of this activity makes us hungry for some lunch.


With so many choices it’s hard to decide where to drop by,

The Works, The Alex, Eatalia or maybe My Thai.


The Charcoal Pit for a casual meal,

Or Wendel Clarke’s for that sporty feel.


We decide on The Poacher, our favorite pub,

So many yummy choices in the downtown hub.


Then into Bush’s and Tweed & Hickory,

New dress pants for him a sweater for me.


Lots of ideas for the garden are waiting at Centro,

So I pick up some bulbs, just starting to grow.


To Classic Jewelry & Marvals to look at some bling,

A quick beer at Emma’s with a view fit for a king.


I pop into Stir Kitchen, as I love to cook,

While he runs to the Different Drummer to pick up a book.


Time for some dinner, oh where should we go,

After much debate we settle on Paradiso.


As evening falls, it’s time to head home,

But not without stopping at R.C’s for a cone.


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