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Janice's Perfect Day!
Posted: Apr 1, 2014

My perfect day would take place in late spring or early summer.  The snow and ice have melted but it’s not too hot yet.

First off, I would stop in to see my long-time hairstylist, Ed Quinn at Shear Creations, for the perfect haircut and a catch-up chat.  My husband, David would pop in to see Ed as well and then head over to the conservatory at the Burlington Art Centre for some tranquility.  I would meet him there see the beautiful flowers, and we’d follow that with a walk through the heritage houses of the downtown and the grounds of St. Luke’s Church.

Next up, we would head over to Coffee Culture for a tea and a treat, followed by Looney Tunes to see what Paul has in the new and used music area — maybe some “new” vinyl for the turntable (or sell him some of ours ;).

Doing some window shopping on the way down Brant Street, we would head to Lakeshore Road to take a leisurely stroll to Emma’s Back Porch to sit beside the lake, watch the sparkling waters, and enjoy their awesome “Nuts and Crumble Salad” and maybe a handmade burger.

After a slow walk through Village Square, we would round off the day with a visit to one of our favourite haunts, The Poacher Restaurant to visit Colleen, Janet and the gang that have served us so well for so many years. That’s my perfect day!

Thanks for reading,

Janice Holden


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