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Jacob's Perfect Day
Posted: Apr 1, 2014

My perfect day in the hood,

Hard to explain but being born and raised in burlington, I do miss it. Whether I get the perfect day in the hood is not up to this contest.
My morning is simple, on a rough night me and my girlfriend stayed up all night, walked to the sanded beach, and watched the sun rise, not realizing how much of a trance had taken us, time slipped between our fingers, but I’d love for another morning to pass by the way it did.
My day includes seeing all my friends again, meeting at the compass talking into the south of the rose to hear our echos, with a nice walk catching up I’d have to hit The WORKS for lunch. No day can ever be complete downtown without a stop at 1 of 2 places, RC’s or Creme Di Gelato. One of our first dates between me and my girlfriend was walking down the beach with our gelato.
As for the evening, I’d have to take the girlfriend to dinner, hard choice where, but Joe Dog’s has some deep fried pickles that I fell in love with some few years ago. But there is no better way to finish my perfect day in the hood than to invite all my friends to The Poacher and have ourselves a night to remember.  Easy to believe when before I left to be with family, me and my good friends spent a few nights there saying goodbye over some dart, beer and pool.
Although these are all memories, they are the things that stand to me most about downtown Burlington. I’d love for another chance to do it all over again , and to take my time this go around.
Sincerely, Jacob Sproul.

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