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Grace's Perfect Day
Posted: Mar 22, 2014

You wake up in the morning in beautiful downtown Burlington. It is sunny with a cool summer breeze.  You decide to take a walk with your dog.

Lots of nice people greet you as you walk down the bike path. There is a perfect smell in the Sunday morning air. As you walk past all of the wonderful stores, your dog starts barking. Then you realize that the Centro Garden farmers market is starting right now! When you arrive in the parking lot where the market takes place, you get offered a free sample of farm to table meats all natural bacon. Mmm! Then you hear the loud church bell. What a beautiful sound! As you look around the Centro Market, something gets announced: “I welcome you to the Burlington Bed Race!” And just as you walk to the front of the store, you notice that the announcement is coming form down Brant Street.

You take a seat across the street in front of City Hall where your friends have saved the perfect spot for you to watch the race. You watch the race for 2 hours and eat lunch in between.

At the end of the day after you’ve walked to the pier, looked at the books at A Different Drummer Books and had a wonderful dinner at the Eatalia restaurant, you go home.

When you go to bed, you fall asleep hearing all of the familiar downtown Burlington Sounds.

– Grace, Age 10



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