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Dean's Perfect Day
Posted: Mar 7, 2014

Let me paint the dream for you. It’s 6pm on a Friday night. My wife and I have our kids on lock down with a babysitter and the night is young and ours to explore. First we stop at Centro to park our car and pick up a terrarium for the house because Selina loves Centro. She also loves herb boxes, so we grab a couple of those too, but before we can make it out of the store she spots a nice bar set that we just “had to have”. Now I have plenty of things to carry to the car and we can begin our downtown app hop.

Dean's and his wife SelinaFirst we walk over to The Alex and kick it off with a nice glass of red and a house made charcuterie platter. We decipher and analyze each delicious morsel and try all of the mustards and pickled sides too. We pay the bill and walk across the street to Eatalia.

Now, because I’m a Texan and I am hardwired to be fuelled by red meat, we have no choice but to order the Carpaccio, which is of course beyond awesome. We wash that down with another glass of red. Can you see the theme here?

By this time we decide we need to walk a few more steps. So we walk down Brant street to SB Prime and sit down for (wait for it..) more red meat. We are in a red meat trance and are enamoured by the buffalo steak tartar. My wife mentions something about 18th century teeth so we order some Prosecco instead of a red.

At that point we (my wife) decides that perhaps we’ve indulged in carnivorous exploits a little too heavily. After paying the bill and reminiscing over the excellent tartar we just ate, we stroll over to Village Square to check out The Stinson. Selina convinces me that heirloom beet and kale salads are the way to go to avoid any clogging of the arteries. I reluctantly agree but still get my red in the form of a late harvest Malbec. The Stinson delivers and pulls me out of my meat coma while also giving us a cool loungy atmosphere and some awesome music to flirt with.

And the night ended, let’s just say, on a positive note.

~ Dean McCall

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