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Claudia's Perfect Day
Posted: May 15, 2014

Well I have to say it was more of a perfect night than day.

It was Christmas Eve Dec 24th 2012 and my boyfriend at the time decided we had to take our new puppy for a walk before we headed to his parents house for Christmas dinner. I had no idea where we were going to walk him because it was quite cold out. We ended up at Spencer Smith Park around 530 pm during the Festival of Lights.

So we starting walking our boy Capone down the strip it was windy and cold but we decided to go regardless. As we turned to walk back my boyfriend got tangled up in the leash and was fumbling around. So we stopped so he can get untangled as he reached into his pocket. I then realized we were standing in front of the Eiffel Tower of lights and he had a small box in his hand.

He opened the box and it was an engagement ring. He proposed to me in front of the tower because it was the closest we could get to it.

I was supposed to be in France with him  in the summer of 2012 as he went for work and wanted to propose to be in front of the real deal. So I said to him it’s good enough it’s the sweetest thing and most amazing proposal. So that’s my day/ night in burlington.

We  got married last September 2013

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