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Barbara's Perfect Day
Posted: Feb 27, 2014

My perfect day could only begin one way – with a fast-paced Tread Powerfully outdoor class along the waterfront. There is no better way to launch my morning, rev up my metabolism and give myself the energy needed to tackle my downtown adventure.

Afterwards, I’d head over to Tamp Coffee Co. with some of my fellow TPers (code for anyone who is part of the Tread Powerfully community) to indulge in a turbo sized mocha latte and dive into the lively conversation that is always part of this ritual. John and his gang from Foot Tools would be there, and somehow the discussion would ricochet between the benefits of Gore-Tex shoes to the books that everyone is reading.

A quick pit stop at Specs on Pearl for an eyeglasses adjustment would be next on my list. A girl needs to keep her fabulous frames in top working order to tackle the morning ahead.

Then it’s off to Anise Natural Apothecary to nurture myself with a dazzling assortment of natural beauty elixirs, health food products and the down to earth advice so graciously offered by owner, Monique. I’d leave with my favourite Kusmi Tea and Rich Hippie fragrance.

Now it’s time to head over to Brant Street for some serious shopping fun – Fairhome Interiors for Fiestaware and Brighton jewelry, Joelle’s for Paige denim and girly accessories, Stir Kitchen Store for amazing kitchen gadgets and Le Creuset pieces and Centro Garden for summery inspiration, all year round. What makes these places even more special is the personal touch that the owners bring to their vision of a memorable retail experience.

With my shopping bags overflowing, I’d stroll home along Lakeshore, being sure to savour the view that always makes me feel so happy to be downtown.

~ Barbara Heagle-Reade


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