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Ann's Perfect Day
Posted: Mar 17, 2014

My perfect day in the ‘hood would be spent with my baby boy and my husband doing separate fun activities…

First, I would want my son to get to know his beautiful city. We would drive down to Lakeshore on a sunny day, park our car at the end of Walkers or Guelph Line and take a stroll along the waterfront homes (taking in the beautiful landscaping and architecture!)
ann lamanesWe’d head towards Spencer Smith Park and take in a festival or just enjoy the shade under a tree while we have a picnic and people-watch. The pic below was taken on one such day last summer just after he was born. I didn’t expect to capture him spitting up on me while taking a nice photo! 🙂 We’d head to the end of the pier and look at the boats, then when he’s old enough, I’d take him to RCs for his first taste of ice cream while we groove to the jukebox. On our way home, we’d stop at Joelle’s for a cute pair of baby sunglasses or a new outfit for him (or me…time to get out of the mommy yoga pants uniform!)

Later that day…a much-needed date night! I’d get a babysitter and my husband and I would hit the town (me in my new outfit of course), starting with cocktails at Martini House. Then, to the place where we went on our first date, Spencer’s. We’d enjoy a sumptuous dinner with wine and gaze out at the lake. Afterwards, perhaps we’d check out HoneyWest or Rude Native for after-dinner dancing and maybe one more drink (or two) before cabbing it home. That to me sums up a perfect day with each of my boys.

– Ann
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