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Meet Pzremek from Pulse Hair Design
Posted: Jun 20, 2019

Get to know the people behind your favourite places & spaces in downtown Burlington! We’ll be introducing you to a new owner & business throughout the year!

This week, meet Przemek, owner of Pulse Hair Design who just moved to another beautiful location within our downtown at 385 Pearl Street!

1. Why did you start/open your business?

I fell into the industry by chance, but throughout my apprenticeship I fell in love with the people around me, the people I worked with, and the clients I got to know (many as friends).

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. (i.e. What is your unique offering?) 

 I’m in the service industry and I realized early on that not only I was able to work on my trade/craft but could also create relationships with wonderful people.   As a smaller salon, I’m able to focus on each client, develop connections and offer a really person experience since I get to know people on such a personal level; I love finding everyone’s unique style, listening to their stories and always exploring my creativity within a really comfortable setting for everyone.

3. When did you open your business in Downtown Burlington? 

I first opened my own salon in 2005 and was located for the first 5 years on Locust Street.

4. What made you choose Downtown Burlington? 

After working for my mentor Phil (Teo Hair & Bodyworks) for the first twelve years of my career, I really feel like I’ve grown up in, and alongside, the downtown community over the past 25 years. It’s a wonderful place to be, both personally and professionally.

5. What are the biggest benefits of having your business located in the downtown Burlington core? 

Living and working in the downtown core, it means that I can work and play in the same wonderful environment, with a close business community that supports one another.  And with downtown as a destination for people, they not only come for just a hair cut or to buy something at just one shop, they experience many of our businesses when they come to visit.

7. What other downtown businesses do you frequent and do business with?

My bank is downtown, my dentist is downtown, I love all the local restaurants & bars and supporting our local businesses whenever I can.

8. What special events do you have coming up in 2019 that you would like the BDBA to promote and/or publish on our website and social media outlets?

Stay tuned!

9. If you had a piece of advice for our new businesses, to help them succeed, what would it be?

 To make sure you go into an industry that you truly love.  We all need to survive and earn a living, but you have to love your job and the environment you work in to be successful in all meanings of the word.

10. What is your favourite holiday? Why?

Anyone who knows me (!), knows that St. Paddy’s Day is my day – (and celebrate downtown, of course)

11. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chicken wings, hands down.


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