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Meet Kay from Kay at Home
Posted: May 25, 2019

Get to know the people behind your favourite places & spaces in downtown Burlington! We’ll be introducing you to a new owner & business throughout the year!

This week, meet Kay Casey, the owner of Kay at Home

  1. Why did you start/open your business?

After running a landscaping design business, I switched gears during the winter of 2016 trying my hand at woodworking and that was it … I was hooked!

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. (i.e. What is your unique offering?) 

First and foremost, I’m a Mother to an awesome 14 year old daughter!  Secondly, as an Artisan and as the Founder/Owner of Kay At Home, I specialize in creating unique pieces utilizing wood, lighting, resin and more, all hand-crafted together to create that “one-of-a-kind” find.  One of my top goals when I knew I was going to open a store was (is) to be very “Pro-Artisan” and I’m proud to say Kay At Home is not only my home, but it also provides a home to several other local-area Artisans in which he/she can feature their wares in an incredible retail space.

  1. When did you open your business in Downtown Burlington? 

I opened my business in Downtown Burlington on May 3rd, 2019.

  1. What made you choose Downtown Burlington? 

I love Downtown Burlington! I have been a frequent event-goer over the years in Downtown Burlington and always thought to myself “if I ever open my own business, this is the place to be!”.  It has a great vibe, a great energy and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Downtown Burlington community.

  1. What are the biggest benefits of having your business located in the downtown Burlington core? 

I think the biggest benefits of having my business located in the Downtown Burlington core would have to be the exposure this location offers.  Downtown Burlington is event-rich, offering all sorts of festivals, things to do and see.  That draw most certainly impacts a local business.

  1. What other downtown businesses do you frequent and do business with?

As noted previously, I’ve been a frequent event-goer and festival-goer in Downtown Burlington over many years; shopping and dining inclusive!

  1. What special events do you have coming up in 2019 that you would like the BDBA to promote and/or publish on our website and social media outlets?

I will be providing a space and hosts for the DIY’ers.  I’m currently working out the scheduling and upon completion, I would love for BDBA to help promote DIY workshops!

  1. If you had a piece of advice for our new businesses, to help them succeed, what would it be?

My piece of advice for new businesses to help them succeed would be two-fold: network and collaborate.  Support your local businesses, including those right beside you.

  1. What is your favourite holiday? Why?

I love, love, love Easter!  It’s the first sign of Spring, it’s the first sign of new life and it’s a mighty-fine reason to eat chocolate.

  1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chocolate … hands-down!


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