Meet Jen and Peter


Meet Jen & Peter of Au Jewelry Exchange Lab

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this month, we want to celebrate and recognize couples who work together in business everyday.

Meet Jen Stokes & Peter de Pagter of Au Jewelry Exchange Lab!

  1. How did you both meet?
    We met at a business course that was offered by the Innovation Factory about 5 years ago and have been best friends ever since.
  2. Why did you start working/open your business together?
    We worked on a few projects together in the past, supporting each other with our individual businesses at the time. We are quite opposite in many ways and similar in others. Things can get chaotic at times, but typically we have amazing synergy and achieve much more together than apart.
  3. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your business. (i.e. What is your unique offering?)
    Gold & silver are precious metals, and they are considered precious for many reasons. One of which is that they are finite. But beyond that, they are meaningful too. We see all kinds of physical representations of love in gold and silver. Our jewelry boxes are filled with gifts from old loves, current loves and loves lost. Everything from charm bracelets from 50 years ago, to today’s Pandora’s, family rings, chains with life’s milestones, broken items and simply unworn,unfashionable pieces. Then there are silver dollars,Olympic coins and grandma’s silver, which again are symbols of shared love. While the memories remain, in the fullness of time, we let everything go. What no longer serves moves on to its next journey.Inside every jewelry box, hutch and chest of drawers are likely precious items that are no longer enjoyed. They are often regifted, others remade, and the remainder sold.When you are ready to let it go, it’s important to know the current market value and how the process works. In our lab, we’re where we are happy to teach you step by step on how it works.We entered into this business because of the timing of the market, the price of precious metals are near all times, making it a very attractive time to sell what no longer serves you. While doing market research, we quickly realized that there was no great option that offered an educational experience, that was not just financially rewarding but a nice farewell to your previously loved items. We primarily serve ladies in their mid lives who are busy downsizing themselves, helping their parents, or perhaps settling their kids into their adult lives. We offer an approachable experience to help these women part with their unwanted items in a comfortable way.
  4. What other downtown businesses do you frequent and do business with?
    When it’s time for break, a nice walk to Lettuce Love for soup and sandwich has been nice to enjoy Lakeside downtown

  5. If you had a piece of advice for other couples starting a business together, to help them succeed, what would it be?
    Don’t do it! Kind of kidding Everything is always about the business. It’s quite important to keep your hobbies outside the business and your relationship. Your personal self can get lost in all of it and looking after you is essential.Things will get stressful and being calm and balanced will guide you through those times. Nothing is lineur and there is lots to learn, but don’t lose yourself in the process.

  6. Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions?
    No, although we both love chocolate and love, love were not much for traditions.