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Meet Lindy & Kim from Into the Blu
Posted: Aug 28, 2019

Get to know the people behind your favourite places & spaces in downtown Burlington! We’ll be introducing you to a new owner & business throughout the year!

This week, meet Lindy & Kim, owners of Into the Blu who recently opened in Village Square

1. Why did you start/open your business?

After my own incredible transforming experience in a Blu Room in Quebec, it became my dream to own a Blu Room in Ontario. That was a year ago, and together with Kim, we made that happen.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. (i.e. What is your unique offering?) 

Kim and I are related and have been friends for over 30 years. Our similar paths and beliefs helped co-create this special business. We offer the very latest technology in light and sound frequency therapy. The Blu Room is magical in every way – a beautiful, calming, high frequency space that shelters you from the outside world, bridging mind, body and soul, and from there anything is possible. Each experience is unique to each individual. A Blu Room session is an act of self care and everyone should make that a priority.

3. When did you open your business in Downtown Burlington? 

August 1ST 2019

4. What made you choose Downtown Burlington? 

The vibe in Downtown Burlington was what attracted us to this area. Its beauty, community spirit, health and wellness offerings bring a lot of people here from all around. Being in the beautiful picturesque Burlington Village Square is the perfect fit for us.

5. What are the biggest benefits of having your business located in the downtown Burlington core? 

The vibe and businesses in the area together with a great number of events brings many people from all over the GTA and further, and this is great for us – being a brand new technology and the first in Ontario, visibility is key.

6. What other downtown businesses do you frequent and do business with?

We are in a wonderful community of health and wellness businesses that we compliment. We are excited to share clients and promote other businesses as we settle in and get to know the area, like Anise Modern Apothacary, Go Float, Lettuce Love Café, and more.

7. What special events do you have coming up in 2019 that you would like the BDBA to promote and/or publish on our website and social media outlets?

We just hosted our launch event.   We will let you know of future planned events, but one event we are working on is a “Night of Lights” with other light therapies all on site at Into the Blu.

8. If you had a piece of advice for our new businesses, to help them succeed, what would it be?

Pick your location carefully, frequent the area, know the people and the vibe and other businesses that bring a complimentary clientele.

9. What is your favourite holiday? Why?

Christmas.  LIGHTS and happy vibe.

10. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life … what would it be?

Smoothies .. is that a food? 🙂


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