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Explore the people and places that make downtown a great place to visit, live and work.

Meet Carmelle
Posted: Apr 22, 2016

Get to know the people behind your favourite places & spaces in downtown Burlington! We’ll be introducing you to a new owner & business each and every month.

This week, meet Carmelle, owner of Brass Bombshells Pole Dance & Aerial Fitness!

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.  Carmelle Krasevec – Entrepreneur, Wellpreneur Founder and CEO of Brass Bombshells Pole Dance and Aerial Fitness Company (Burlington’s Original Pole Dance Fitness Studio); Mommy of little girl Tatym Hope (2), Wife to John. In addition to fitness and music, I am deeply passionate about Living well, Cellular nutrition and inspiring women to live radiant, healthy “non-average” lives.


  1. When did you move/open your business downtown Burlington? I moved to Burlington from Vancouver in June 2005 with the opportunity to expand the first Pole Fitness Company in Canada all across Ontario. I opened our first studio location on Brant Street in March of 2006. We lived in the suburbs for 2 years until purchasing our condo downtown in Sept 2007. I knew nothing about the area or Burlington in general but kept getting nudges that downtown was the best place to be.


  1. What made you choose this location? It made sense for me to pick an urban – city centered location due to the trendy nature of our business as well as the easy accessibility from the QEW but it was my husband’s love of the area that ultimately landed us here.


  1. What is the biggest advantage to you having your business located in the downtown core? The main obvious for our family is that both my husband and I can walk to our places of work. We have completely fallen in love with the downtown area, it’s a very desirable place to live and work; healthy, safe and sustainable. I have grown to adore my business community and downtown through my involvement with the BIA. They are a community of individuals who inspire me to contribute and do better. Its been a struggle with missing my life on the west coast but I am truly grateful and happy to be a transplanted westerner now. Our lifestyle can’t be replaced with all of the conveniences and simple riches that we enjoy here.


  1. What other businesses do you frequent down here and do business with? (ie. banking, dentist, shopping, where do you eat etc.)  Joelles of course for any wardrobe emergencies (or just sheer indulgence!) Gift Shopping for any occasion: Fairhome, Centro Garden, Drinks and Dinner: Joe Dogs, Honey West, Martini House Coffee Shop: TAMP. A Sunday family outing just isn’t the same without a stroll to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe; and this year I am committing to more time spent at our incredible Performing Arts Center.


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