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Online Co-Parenting Workshop
When: Jan 26, 2021 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: 414 Pearl St #11, Burlington, ON L7R 2M1
Phone: 905-632-6555
Email: stefanie@peacheycounselling.ca

Workshop by Peachey Counselling and Family Support

Co-Parenting puts kids first.

This Co-Parenting Workshop is for parents who have made the decision to separate or divorce and are looking for support during this difficult transition.


FORMAT: Online via Zoom

During this 3-hour online workshop – which you are encouraged to attend together as parents – you will learn how to support your children by keeping their well-being at the heart of all decisions. You will learn how to speak to your children about the separation, will receive information about Co-Parenting Plans, and will have the tools you need to successfully Co-Parent moving forward.

If you would like more details about our Co-Parenting Workshop, click here.


  • How to talk to your child or children about divorce

  • What your children may be feeling or questions they may have

  • What behaviours you may see in your child as this transition happens

  • How to co-parent when you are no longer together as a couple

  • What your legal options are moving forward

  • What services are available to couples facing this change


$300 per family

  • The fee for this workshop is per family (1 or 2 parents) but both parents are encouraged to participate

  • This workshop is being led by Stefanie Peachey, Registered Social Worker and Founder of Peachey Counselling and Family Support

  • This workshop will be held online, via a secure Zoom meeting

  • A workbook is provided for each of you to ensure that you are able to take notes during the workshop and review the content as needed


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