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NEW: Local Business Roundtable
When: May 28, 2020 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Our strong business presence across the ward has many owners and staff working and living within our neighbourhoods – keeping people invested in our community. This creates a great place to live and promotes culture and economic vibrancy.

Adding a truly local business voice to the valued stakeholders that have been working together on all of the challenges of the last few months, the Local Business Roundtable will proactively bring the lived experience to preparations for re-openings and the influx of summer tourism to Burlington.

I speak with many businesses on a regular basis, this is an opportunity to hear from those whom I haven’t yet. Launching this action forward roundtable also ensures that our local businesses have a personal direct line into local government.

We will have to make trade-offs and choices swiftly and collectively maximize opportunities ahead, let’s do this, together.

Please email Ward2@Burlington.ca or DM for registration.


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