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Fit in the Core: Myofascial Release & Flow
When: Jun 30, 2019 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Where: 440 Locust Street
Phone: 905-681-6000
Email: bpac@burlington.ca

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Join us for outdoor fitness every Sunday 10am – 11am outside The Burlington Performing Arts Centre — free of charge
June 2nd – September 22nd. All you need is your mat & water bottle!

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Instructor Christina Drew from Kinetic Physiotherapy

Class: Myofascial Release & Flow

Myofascial Release and Flow – Join Christina in this powerful myofascial release class geared towards releasing trigger points in your muscles, breaking down adhesions, and stimulating blood flow in the whole body by using RAD Rounds. Intertwined with exercises that will further release and mobilize your fascia.

Bio: “At age 9, Christina was introduced to soccer and fell in love. At age 15, she was on the starting squad for the U-18 Team Ontario. Christina was scouted by a plethora of teams from the United States of America, and chose to attend Georgia Southern University. While there she received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. During her soccer career Christina sustained 3 ACL repairs and 3 concussions. It was due to this that she had to put her soccer career on hold. Ever since she can remember Christina has always had a dream of becoming a Physiotherapist. The combination of learning the intricacies of the human body, injuries and how to rehabilitate them, as well as optimizing athletes’ performance abilities, was her passion.
Christina attended McMaster University from 2005-2007 and received her Master of Science in Physiotherapy. She continued expanding her knowledge of treatment options by getting certified in Active Release Technique®, Functional Range Release® (FR), Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC), Integrated Seminar Series, STOTT Pilates, Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hrs – RYT200, Essential Oils, ktape and custom bracing.
After extensive research and personal experience, Christina has created a neuromuscular warm-up to prevent ACL injuries in female soccer players. She is the founder and owner of Kinetic Physiotherapy, located in the heart of Downtown Burlington, and founder of Kinetic Physio-Yoga Therapy (PYT) and Kinetic Physio-Pilates Therapy (PPT). Kinetic PYT and PPT are programs that extend our therapy services beyond manual therapy, offering a holistic approach to heal on a multi-faceted level.
Being an athlete at heart with limiting injuries, Christina turned to pilates, yoga and cycling as a means of rehabilitation and wellness. She believes that any training regimen should include proper functional training that increases the longevity and health of your joints, while optimizing performance and efficiency. Christina looks forward to passing this great experience off to all her clients!

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Fit in the Core!
Presented by Lisa-Marie Winning & Associates, Private Wealth Management, this free outdoor fitness runs Sundays June 2 - September 22.