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BellyUp's Purple Party!
When: Apr 10, 2019 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm
Where: 2061 Pine Street
Phone: 416-414-1115
Email: info@bellyup.ca

Join BellyUp for a girl’s  night out called “Purple Party!” It’s a fabulously fun night of social Bellydance, amazing women, and loads of fun. The party starts with a lively Bellydance lesson geared to Beginners. Then lots of group dance fun, impromptu performances, even performances by BellyUp’s dancers! There will be Live Drumming, Debke line dance, all kinds of Bellydance music that’ll make you want to get up and move. There’s an open dance floor for everyone. There will be dance contests with prizes, and snacks and drinks are included.

A great night for a group of friends. But if you’re on your own looking to make some new friends this is a perfect opportunity to do so. BellyUp is known for its welcoming atmosphere where women of all ages, shapes and sizes come to enjoy the beauty and community of Bellydance. Don’t be shy!

BellyUp’s studio is a private haven for Bellydance, located within the lower level and therefore no windows to ensure total privacy from street view. (This is a women only event)

For ticket information please click here.


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