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2049 Pine Street, Burlington, ON, Canada

Charlene is an award-winning professional  Burlington ON newborn and maternity photographer that specializes in relaxed  posed newborn photography sessions, styled studio maternity photography sessions, and cake smash milestone baby photography sessions.

Her newborn photography studio provides the entire package – hair, makeup, gowns,  outfit guidance, props, and much more!

372 Brant Street, Burlington, ON, Canada

Pleasantrees is your local dispensary in downtown Burlington. We have a variety of products from flower, edibles, vapes, drinks and accessories. 19+ only

534 Brant Street, Burlington, ON, Canada

Saker’s family has been a major jewelry maker in Syria since the 1870’s. The great-grandfather of Karim Saker (Owner ) learnt jewelry
manufacturing in the oldest inhabitant city in the world Aleppo and later on continued his education in Damascus. Around 1900, it was inherited to my grandfather that  moved to Argentine and continued the practice there until they went back to Syria and taught their children until 1940. The family’s admiration to this practice has led them to teach their children. Saker was the sole family in the town of Salamiyah in Syria that manufacture and sell jewelry.

Karim Saker: 25+ years of experience in fine jewelry making and trading and holds the certificate of achievement design with Rhino and Rhino Gold program (Basic-Intermediat-Advaced 1,2,3-Free form).

2020 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON, Canada

The Port House Social Bar & Kitchen takes great pride in providing our guests with genuine and thoughtful hospitality. We bring this hospitality to life through a globally inspired menu, beautiful surroundings and a passion for service. Our business is to bring all of that together in one place. We are inspired by everything around us, from cuisine found from around the world to local farms in our own backyard. Our desire is to bring the best of everything to our guests, house-made sauces, locally-sourced ingredients, and highly skilled Chefs. A tradition we want to begin at The Port House is centred on dishes that make people feel great, a place where people want to celebrate and create life-long memories.

2003 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON, Canada

Located in the heart of downtown Burlington, we carry various Original paintings and drawing from renowned artist around the world. Also one-of-a-kind decor art pieces, such as Art Glass, Sculptures and Furniture. Come and visit us and see for yourself.

1463 Ontario St, Burlington, ON, Canada

A Room In Mind Provides Interior Decorating and Interior Design Services in Burlington, Oakville, Toronto & across the GTA. Areas of expertise include Custom Homes, Floor Plan Design, Kitchen Design, Custom Window Treatments, Colour Consultation & More.

A Room In Mind is passionate about providing every client with functional and stunning interiors that reflect their lifestyle. We rely on exceptional, efficient customer service, expertise and experience to consistently complete impressive projects on time and on budget. Led by Interior Designer, Keely Coles

433 Brock Ave, Burlington, ON, Canada

Natasha grew up in Mississauga Ontario. Destined to the Arts as a child, she loves to sing, dance, paint, cook and creates! She is a vivacious entrepreneur, teacher and mentor at heart. With a diploma in marketing and human resources, expertise in customer service and restaurant management, she is explosive with a passion to elevate her small business.

Miss Bailey Brown was born out of a monthly Ladies event hosted by Natasha. She loves to build new friendships & bring people together. The theme was “Chocoholics Anonymous”! She decided to try making chocolate truffles for her friends, instead of cakes, cookies or cupcakes for the gathering. She fell in love with the process of making truffles and working with chocolate. Combining high-quality ingredients for fillings and designing eye-catching food art from her previous career in restaurant management.

Natasha’s goal is to provide you with impressive gifts, and serve you with jazzy wine pairing events and workshops.


460 Brant St, Burlington, ON, Canada

D-Derm Aesthetics Clinic is devoted to offering clients high quality and cutting-edge services. We help to preserve a beautiful and youthful glow through education, skin care routines and the most advanced medical aesthetic services. Our highly trained staff are constantly exploring the latest techniques, equipment and evidence-based research so that our clients can benefit from our treatments.

D-Derm offers a wide array of services and procedures to help you put your best face forward. We ensure complete satisfaction and well being of our clients. Our goal is to have every client leave feeling their best when they walk out the door.

2049 Pine St, Burlington, ON, Canada

We are a [Human] and memorable leadership development company that designs unique learning experiences with our clients that have a positive impact on their people, culture and success.

Relationships are important to Us.
We work hard with our clients towards building strong connections and professional trust. This drives our daily commitments.

Depth of Experience
We have a demonstrated experience with over 500 client organizations, in 30+ industries in private, public and not-for-profit organizations.

Proven, and New Content
We offer our clients the scale of significant B2B partnerships and a library of leading-edge content and programs.

Tailored Approach to Solutions
We help our clients find the right solutions for their unique needs and deliver within a customizable framework.

2012 Victoria Ave, Burlington, ON, Canada
Equilibrium Acupuncture and Herbs Wellness centre offers a variety of natural healing services designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.
2017 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON, Canada

At Buds Smoke, we celebrate creative expression and the flowers that seed them. We support high thinking artistic minds and the herbs that make them bloom. We are pioneers in the cannabis industry who are looking to help our local community of creative entrepreneurs grow.

Enthusiasts have celebrated creativity in all its forms for hundreds of years. Nowhere is it more visible than in public spaces, in the streets and alleys, where music, murals and graffiti art lives. It’s effect on the human mind is well known. Several cultures across the world have acknowledged it while modern science has endorsed it. It is said to calm the mind and induce a state of relaxation that allows thoughts to flourish. From this deep well of relaxation, creativity is born.

Come, be our buds! Walk through our website, pick your favourite flowers, edibles, and oils. Let’s talk shop, share views, admire street art, support each other and celebrate life in a safe, responsible environment.

498 Brant St, Burlington, ON, Canada

At Au – Jewelry Exchange Lab, we’ll pay you to part with the things that no longer serve you. That unused silverware, dusty coin collection, and outdated jewelry could be worth much more than you think.

We buy precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) and recycle them back into the market. Our sustainable approach is also a transparent one —  with rates based on the spot price of the metals each day, you can be confident in knowing you’re getting the best offer for your valuables. Plus, there’s no pressure to sell, because the choice is totally yours.

We offer our clientele a seamless, flexible and Covid-safe selling experience: with options to pick up or mail in your precious metals, you can get your items evaluated from a distance. But in-person appointments are also available at our Burlington location; similar to financial institutions, we’re considered an essential business that is committed to serving you with safety precautions in place.

Testing is done for free in our secure lab and is often completed within an hour. To ensure complete transparency, all testing appointments are recorded and electronically shared with the customer.

Selling your valuables can be intimidating: not knowing what they’re worth, stressing about negotiating the value, and getting ripped off are all common concerns. We’ve changed the game, providing you with a simple formula — we weigh your items, test them for purity and pay you on the spot with guaranteed daily posted rates. Testing is done for free in our secure lab and is often completed within an hour. To ensure complete transparency, all testing appointments are recorded and electronically shared with the customer.


sugarmoon - logo.png
2091 Bates Common, Burlington, ON L7R 0A5, Canada

In 1985, when Paola was growing up in St. Catharines, she began to experience body hair growth at an early age. As she entered her teenage years, these physical changes made her less confident in her own skin. Hair removal is a very personal and uncomfortable conversation to have when you’re young, and on top of that, Paola had sensitive skin. Shaving her hair was becoming too frequent of a task, and waxing was causing skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Body and facial hair removal is intimate and can come with so much stigma and pressure, but it is a deeply personal choice. After Paola experienced the magic and confidence after Sugaring, she wanted to share this with even more women like her, with no shame and no judgment. With just a loan from her mom, who always supported her journey, she started Sugarmoon Salon.

Over nearly two decades, Paola has witnessed a change, and women are finally feeling more confident to discuss the former taboos of facial and body hair. One by one, her team is helping people be beautiful and feel good about it.® As an owner, operator, she still loves interacting with her clients face to face.

“I am passionate about empowering women, creating a safe and supportive work environment that compensates fairly, and providing all my staff with an opportunity to invest and save. I believe in the power of volunteering and have invested in an employer-supported volunteer program (ESV) with partners in our own communities.”

ruta automotive.jpg
535 Brant Street, Burlington, ON, Canada

Full service automotive repair in downtown Burlington, Ontario.

Call us at 905-634-5514 with any questions, or to book your appointment today. Ask for Jon!

Follow us on Instagram here!

488 Locust Street, Burlington, ON, Canada

This business is one of the 400 members of the Burlington Downtown Business Association. A vibrant and colourful neighbourhood, Downtown Burlington is the first choice for goods, services and amenities.

You will be dazzled by the diversity, impressed with the environment, spoiled by the service and warmly welcomed wherever you wander.

Private Matters Psychotherapy.png
440 Elizabeth Street, Suite 302 Burlington, Ontario L7R 2M1

Marleen Filimon is the founder and psychotherapist at Private Matters Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a place for discovering who you are and learning new ways to cope with situations and inner difficulties. We learn more about ourselves, our friends and family, how we work and interact with people, and how we can control our impulses to be the person we want to be. At PMPTherapy our slogan is: “Uncover your personal strengths”, and that is exactly what we offer during our therapy sessions. Combining Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy with Mindfulness Techniques, we provide personalized therapy plans for clients fighting anxiety and depression. We also guide clients who want to learn more ways in which to cope with stress and anger. One of our newest therapies, Maximize Yourself™, integrates psychotherapeutic models to help people uncover their true potential. This type of therapy is for the person grabbing that chocolate bar when things get rough, for the person who feels they could use a little more help to figure out their life, and for the person who would like to feel more assertive and confident.

New Hope Counselling Centre.png
541 Brant Street‚ Unit 12, Burlington, ON

New Hope Counselling Centre provides individual‚ marriage‚ and family counselling and psychotherapy. We offer a choice of counsellors‚ providing a rich resource for the resolution of relationship‚ family and personal issues. Life Coaching and nutritional counselling are also available. The office is comfortable not clinical. Services are private and confidential‚ providing the highest quality of service with real results using various methods and techniques.

Natural Health Garden.png
392 Martha Street, Burlington L7R 2P7
About Us

Natural Health Garden is a Canadian owned business, supplying some of the world’s best nutritional health and wellness products. We want to help you in your quest to be the healthiest you can be – to feel better, perform better, and just be better overall. We’ve seen first hand the difference premium natural nutritional health products can make in helping you achieve optimal health and longevity.

We are here to support you in reaching your health goals! Natural health products help millions of people every day! To enhance lives or treat, and even cure ailments of all type. Try a safer, cleaner, natural alternative to synthetic, chemical, dangerous pharmaceuticals and over the counter drugs. For many people it’s the best thing they ever did!

Real, pure, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free foods and products. Taste, and FEEL,  the difference!

The quality of our regular food supply is down and the nutritional value sacrificed, this is why we source real food and health products, grown optimally, organically, non-GMO, pure and clean. What’s important to us is supplying quality product that provide true nourishing benefits, enhancing your health and life.

Shop on-line. For faster access, you can visit us at

Our online store is a secure, convenient place to shop for premium nutrition and wellness products. We offer simple flat rate shipping options and FREE or discounted shipping on orders over $75. Enjoy the convenience of “health delivered to your door” – now shipping worldwide! We also offer Product Expiry Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee and a no-hassle Return Policy. For more information see our Shipping & Returns page.

Please note that currently products available on-line may not be available in store outlet, and vice-versa.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. please do not hesitate to Contact Us. A member of our customer service team or a nutritional health expert will respond within 24 hours.

Why shop with

  • Shopping from home or office saves you time for what’s important.
  • Convenience of delivery to your door; no need to lug around heavy, bulky packages.
  • High quality, non-GMO, organic, rare super foods from around the world at your fingertips.
  • Only verified, tested and accurate ingredient disclosure.
  • Our relationships and factory direct buying methods ensure you pay lower than retail, everyday!
  • Mobile device compatible; shop from your mobile device/smartphone, anywhere.
  • Premium nutrition for the whole family keeps you and yours the healthiest you can be.
  • Nutritionist on duty to answer any questions you may have!

It is with pleasure that we bring you the products that can make a difference in the health and well-being of you and those you love.

All the best in health from your friends at Natural Health Garden.

Medical Foot Solutions.png
488 Locust Street‚ Unit Suite 200, Burlington, ON
Custom Orthotics and Treatment for your Feet

Don’t suffer with foot pain a moment longer…

Welcome to Medical Foot Solutions, innovative healing for your feet. We are a provincially regulated Chiropody Clinic, with locations in Burlington and Milton Ontario to  easily serve you. We offer treatment for conditions like heel pain, crooked toes, flat feet, corns and bunions. If you’re looking for orthotics in Burlington or Milton this is also something we offer. At Medical Foot Solutions, foot care is our specialty — whether it be advanced treatment therapy or preventive measures to ensure continued and on-going foot care health — our team of medical professionals are here to provide the highest standard of service for you and your feet.

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