The Arbutus Collective


The Arbutus Collective

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600 Brant Street, Burlington, ON, Canada
600 Brant Street Burlington Ontario L7R 2G9 CA


Individual, Family, and Practitioners Support Services​

The Arbutus Collective’s mission and commitment is to educate, support and change the perceptions surrounding disordered eating. Our success and experience is rooted in our collective years of reflective practice in our community working with hundreds of members in the Halton Region. When coupled with stress reduction techniques and the development of a personal support plan, our program assists clients to create positive and lasting change in their lives, as substantiated by results and client testimonials. Our practitioners are passionate about supporting our clients, their families and school communities with our full commitment, integrity and care.

Why the name The Arbutus Collective?

As a collective, we are joined together in singularity, working as one to help others in need. The Arbutus tree is a beautiful metaphor for our union. It is significantly understood to be a tree of knowledge, depth and integrity. The Arbutus tree stands in its splendour symbolizing protection, safety and belonging. Its branches twist and turn constantly searching for the sunlight. Poet Richard Olafson writes, “The Arbutus tree’s webbed roots hold the splintered earth together.” Salish legend states, that during the Great Flood, the Arbutus tree saved many lives by providing an anchor, solid branches for canoes to be held sturdy, rooted and safe. The Arbutus Collective consists of colleagues, who guide those in need, struggling with body image distortion, low self-esteem and disordered eating, towards healthy, happy balance. We do so with the integrity, passion and safety of the Arbutus tree.