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2091 Bates Common, Burlington, ON L7R 0A5, Canada
2091 Bates Common Burlington Ontario L7R 0A5 CA

In 1985, when Paola was growing up in St. Catharines, she began to experience body hair growth at an early age. As she entered her teenage years, these physical changes made her less confident in her own skin. Hair removal is a very personal and uncomfortable conversation to have when you’re young, and on top of that, Paola had sensitive skin. Shaving her hair was becoming too frequent of a task, and waxing was causing skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Body and facial hair removal is intimate and can come with so much stigma and pressure, but it is a deeply personal choice. After Paola experienced the magic and confidence after Sugaring, she wanted to share this with even more women like her, with no shame and no judgment. With just a loan from her mom, who always supported her journey, she started Sugarmoon Salon.

Over nearly two decades, Paola has witnessed a change, and women are finally feeling more confident to discuss the former taboos of facial and body hair. One by one, her team is helping people be beautiful and feel good about it.® As an owner, operator, she still loves interacting with her clients face to face.

“I am passionate about empowering women, creating a safe and supportive work environment that compensates fairly, and providing all my staff with an opportunity to invest and save. I believe in the power of volunteering and have invested in an employer-supported volunteer program (ESV) with partners in our own communities.”