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672 Brant Street, Suite 301, Burlington, ON
672 Brant Street Burlington Ontario L7R 2H3 CA

The NEX Wellness Clinic Team works collaboratively with you by offering an extensive array of traditional and complimentary therapies to optimize health and disease prevention. Whether your condition is mild, acute or chronic, they offer answers to your questions.
This team of Naturopathic doctors and medical providers deliver a “unique” health care experience for you and your family by helping you define optimal health. Many of the patients are women and men between the ages of 20-75 years.

The clinic’s focus is on Women’s Health, Intravenous Therapies, Healthy Aging and Pain Management. The Naturopaths at NEX Wellness see many patients (both men & women) related to Hormonal imbalances, Chronic Pain and Inflammation, Cancer and Immune Disorder Conditions, Food and Environmental Allergies, Thyroid Dysfunction, Chronic Stress and Cardiovascular Disease. These are just some of the few areas that are being treated successfully at NEX Wellness.

The doctors at NEX Wellness are trained in medical and clinical sciences. Preventative medicine is the focus and is an important goal in their treatment philosophy over the past 12+ years.
After extensive assessment and testing, using a variety of diagnostic techniques, the team at NEX Wellness work to identify the cause(s) for the imbalances creating the symptoms. This enables the patient to better understand their condition and the advantages of using the techniques suggested.

They work collaboratively with their patients to determine an integrative treatment plan; a plan that will minimize the risk of harm and encourages the body’s innate ability to restore health utilizing the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies with an emphasis on diet and nutrition.

For a quality, individually tailored, health care approach and enhanced alternative services, NEX Wellness has well trained practitioners on hand to offer you the services you require. The practitioners excel in the areas of clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and intravenous nutrient therapy.

For more information about the NEX Wellness clinic and Health Burlington Clinic services, call: 905-634-5000 or e-mail: Please visit our website at