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Permanent make up, or micropigmentation is a technique used to deposit pigments into the skin. When done well, the results are comparable to conventional make up, and at times, can exceed it.

Tattooing has been around for centuries. Early tattoos were crude and done with primitive instruments, using vegetable dyes. Today, state of the art equipment is available to us, as well as a thorough understanding of skin’s delicate layers. The pigments have also evolved dramatically. We have an enormous range or colors to choose from and they are derived from natural sources, making them safe to use. Each pigment formula has been developed with the highest quality ingredients, along with D&C (drug and cosmetic) FDA approved colorants.

Whether you are looking for a full eyebrow to shape your face, eye liner to accentuate definition of your eyes or a lip procedure to bring out your pout, Lilypad Cosmetica can help you achieve your ideal look. Permanently.

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Ana Terzic, Permanent Makeup Artist