Kinetic Physiotherapy


Kinetic Physiotherapy

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Kinetic Physiotherapy
– Physiotherapy
– Manual Therapy
– Active Release Technique
– STOTT Pilates
– Bracing
– Sports Therapy

Christina Ruta, Physiotherapist
Nicole Ettore, Certified Athletic Therapist.

A Bit About Our Classes:

Essential Mat Class –

An introduction to STOTT PILATES® basic principles and mat exercises. The class is designed to help participants establish core strength, and develop mind-body awareness through co-ordinated movement. Small equipment such as Flex-Band exercisers, Fitness Circle Resistant rings, and Toning balls may be incorporated to add variety.

Intermediate Mat Class:

A combination of essential and intermediate mat exercises. The class continues to build core strength and improve flexibility; participants will experience a deliberate flow to the exercises resulting in an intense full body workout. It will include the integration of small equipment to keep the muscle groups challenged.

Weight-loss Boost

Feeling like a challenge? This class is for you! Burn more calories using a combination of interval training with STOTT PILATES® repertoire. You will take what you know in a new direction to gain strength while improving your cardio, using props such as toning balls and fitness circles! Join in on the rotation, keeping the workout challenging and interesting!

Yoga Fusion

Using the principles and postures from both yoga and Pilates, this is a class based on movement as therapy. Develop strength, flexibility and balance of the body and mind, through physical postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Small Equipment Pilates

Building on the Pilates principles from the mat work, take your practice to the next level with the use of Pilates small equipment. The use of these props will help to assist with movements and posture as well as give an added challenge to the body and core. This is a great way to add variety to your wellness program.


Join the flow of Shawna’s powerful and restorative Yoga class. Strength building, mind opening, flexibility finding and open to all levels of Yogi’s!

Men’s Pilates

All levels of Pilates knowledge welcome! Props and mat work all built to help you achieve the core and balance you have always worked for!

Foam Roller Challenge

Join Christina in her foam roller challenge! Try out our newest group class – Pilates on a Roll! It will wake you up and get you rolling. This inspiring and innovative session will incorporate props that roll, Foam Roller and Toning Balls™. Reinvent your mat workout, try some new exercises and put more bounce in your life. Class capacity is eight participants.


Join Emma in her Ballet inspired workout. The ballet barre meets Yoga and Pilates. The ballet barre is a wonderful prop designed to support the body in both static and dynamic movement, leading to long, lean muscles and a strong core. Starting at the feet and working up, the barre class is a 60 minute workout structured for many skill levels. The classes are set to upbeat music and vigorously move through a sequence of postures designed to shape and lift the entire body. Clients will notice an increase in flexibility as well as muscle balance leading to a well-proportioned body with less risk of injury. Combining the grace of ballet with the strength of Yoga and Pilates, our goal is to provide our clients with a sense of balance in both body and mind.