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Types of counselling available include:

Couples Counselling (Including Marital Conflict)

You and your partner can come for support and encouragement, as well as learn new skills and perspectives that help when your relationship has hit ‘rough times’ and your communication has broken down. Learn to let go of power struggles and rediscover respect for each other. By learning to express your needs and feelings in a safe, non-judgmental way your relationship can be revitalized.

Anxiety and Stress Management

When stress becomes difficult to manage, clients can expect to work toward an understanding of where the stress originates and of how it can be effectively reduced. In addition to this, relaxation and time management techniques are often helpful. If anxiety has begun to interfere with one’s life, therapy in combination with medication prescribed by one’s family doctor is often the wisest treatment choice.

Communication Skills

Do you find yourself arguing with family members, colleagues, and friends? Learn how to express your feelings and needs in a direct, honest, and non-judgmental manner that others will appreciate rather than defend themselves against.

Abuse and Trauma Recovery

Traumatic events can intrude into our lives, even many years after they have occurred. They can cause anxiety and depression and limit our ability to live life to the fullest. Counselling can help to alleviate the symptoms and also assist the individual with the task of working through the difficult memories and events.


Depression is the most common issue brought to mental health professionals today. It ranges from the seriously debilitating to the mildly problematic. Talking to a trained professional helps the individual to learn the skills needed to manage the symptoms of depression, allowing the person to experience joy once again.

Individual Counselling for Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse causes its victims to feel helpless and frightened. Self-esteem suffers, as individuals feel trapped in a situation that is unlivable. Counselling assists the person to develop a safety plan and to improve self-esteem, thus helping victims to develop into survivors.

Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Within successful relationships both parties listen and communicate well. Both are assertive without being aggressive and thus both and are able to ensure that their own needs are met. Counselling helps individuals to develop assertiveness skills and good communication skills.

Grief and Loss Counselling

Grief is a difficult but necessary process following the loss of a loved one. Having a professional to guide one through this process can assist the person by providing a place where feelings can be honestly expressed and explored.

Interventions For Suicidal Thinking

Interventions for Suicidal Thinking may have a short term or a long term focus. Short term strategies offer alternative cognitive and behavioural responses to suicidal thinking. while long term interventions seek to address the cause of the suicidal thinking. Personal safety is a key element in both short and long term interventions.

Life Transitions

Life Transitions present individuals with a variety of challenges. Counselling can be useful to assist the individual in the recognition, acknowledgement, goal-making, and implementation that are necessary for a successful outcome of life transitions.


Parenting is something that just comes naturally, right? Wrong! Today’s families can face a multitude of issues and challenges that may benefit from professional input. Counselling for parenting issues may address a specific topic or may look at general attitudes and strategies.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Issues

Sexual Orientation and Gender Issues are as complex and individual as are human beings. An understanding of our unique individual sexual identity is fundamental to a balanced lifestyle. Counselling may provide insight and support in an area that many find uncomfortable to discuss with friends or family.

Family Counselling

Children do not come with instruction booklets and parenting is not an easy task, especially once children reach adolescence. Parents and children can expect to be guided through communication skills and boundary setting. Parents are empowered to set limits for their children and they are helped to listen to their children as they express their needs. Children too have a right to set boundaries and parents are helped to parent effectively while respecting them.

Communication Skills

Communication consists of the ability to both listen and speak effectively. Difficulties in this area can affect one’s relationships both at home and at work. Clients can expect to work both on both the listening and speaking aspects of communication.