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Redfearn Family Law
Where: 440 Elizabeth Street, Suite 105
Phone: 905-333-6933
Email: doug@redfearnfamilylaw.ca

Divorce and separation from your spouse or partner can be a difficult process emotionally and financially. Worries about the children and your future can overwhelm you. These difficulties can often be made worse by the process you choose to resolve the issues.

At Redfearn Family Law, we offer a different way to divorce. A respectful way. One that is founded on listening, communication and working together rather than one of blaming and letting others (or yourself!) perpetuate your disputes. A process that focuses on the children, the issues and interests that are important to you. An honourable process that allows each of you to move on, while still being loving parents and/or respectful former spouses.

Divorce done differently.

Call us at 905.333.6933


“We carefully listen to our clients and identify the interests that are important to them while lending our best expertise and advice. We will create a resolution process that best fits our clients’ needs and will work with them toward a principled and timely result.”

Doug Redfearn LL.B.


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