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Natural Health Garden
Where: 392 Martha Street, Burlington L7R 2P7
Phone: 416-258-1888
Email: service@nhgarden.ca

Natural Health Garden is a Canadian owned business, supplying some of the world’s best nutritional health and wellness products. We want to help you in your quest to be the healthiest you can be – to feel better, perform better, and just be better overall. We’ve seen first hand the difference premium natural nutritional health products can make in helping you achieve optimal health and longevity.

We are here to support you in reaching your health goals! Natural health products help millions of people every day! To enhance lives or treat, and even cure ailments of all type. Try a safer, cleaner, natural alternative to synthetic, chemical, dangerous pharmaceuticals and over the counter drugs. For many people it’s the best thing they ever did!

Real, pure, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free foods and products. Taste, and FEEL,  the difference!
The quality of our regular food supply is down and the nutritional value sacrificed, this is why we source real food and health products, grown optimally, organically, non-GMO, pure and clean. What’s important to us is supplying quality product that provide true nourishing benefits, enhancing your health and life.
Shop on-line. For faster access, you can visit us at www.NHGarden.ca
Our online store is a secure, convenient place to shop for premium nutrition and wellness products. We offer simple flat rate shipping options and FREE or discounted shipping on orders over $75. Enjoy the convenience of “health delivered to your door” – now shipping worldwide! We also offer Product Expiry Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee and a no-hassle Return Policy. For more information see our Shipping & Returns page.
Please note that currently products available on-line may not be available in store outlet, and vice-versa.
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. please do not hesitate to Contact Us. A member of our customer service team or a nutritional health expert will respond within 24 hours.
Why shop with NaturalHealthGarden.ca?
– Shopping from home or office saves you time for what’s important.
– Convenience of delivery to your door; no need to lug around heavy, bulky packages.
– High quality, non-GMO, organic, rare super foods from around the world at your fingertips.
– Only verified, tested and accurate ingredient disclosure.
– Our relationships and factory direct buying methods ensure you pay lower than retail, everyday!
– Mobile device compatible; shop from your mobile device/smartphone, anywhere.
– Premium nutrition for the whole family keeps you and yours the healthiest you can be.
– Nutritionist on duty to answer any questions you may have!
It is with pleasure that we bring you the products that can make a difference in the health and well-being of you and those you love.
All the best in health from your friends at Natural Health Garden.

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