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Move Like It Matters
Where: 534 Brant Street
Phone: 905-802-1585
Email: robnayyar@gmail.com

Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body.  Start your journey today and never look back with a customized program to maximize your potential and reach your goals by combining nutrition, mobility and training in a way that works FOR YOU.  When you pick the right training program for you, all is included, no up selling and no hidden costs.

As a trainer of almost 10 years I have learned one very important lesson.  Listen.  You will get my undivided attention and commitment through your journey.  I hear you and I believe in you.

Personal Training

Whether you want to be a more active and energetic parent, run your first marathon, maximize athletic performance or just feel great in your favourite pair of jeans again,  I will show you a no nonsense approach to health and fitness that is easy to understand and maintain long term.

You won’t just be going through workouts, you will be educated on what works specifically for your body.  You will learn how to eat right for your body and what type of workouts work best for you and never feel like you’re wasting time in the gym.

Move Like It Matters is a new breed of personal training that helps you build a foundation of knowledge, confidence and accountability that will transform you into the most powerful person you can be.


  • Personalized nutrition programming tailored to your lifestyle
  • Personalized training specifically tuned to your goals and abilities
  • Unlimited communication between you and your trainer
  • Online software updated in real time for training and nutrition
  • Shape your body the way you want
  • Feel empowered with increased strength and confidence
  • Have more energy to live your life the way you want.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

FST is a stand alone treatment that eliminates trigger points, improves flexibility, increase joint space and improves mobility.  The effects of FST compound over numerous sessions vs simply dealing with the same recurring problem each session.

By eliminating pain and restoring space in the joint you can enjoy life to it’s fullest, feel young and maximize sports performance.


  • Improves muscle activation & relaxation.
  • Improves flexibility on the first session
  • Improved posture & functional ability to do what you couldn’t
  • No pain allows you to finally enjoy a life of quality.
  • Normal joint spacing is anti-aging at it’s best!
  • Huge difference in sports performance.
  • Reduces and helps prevents injuries
  • Improves & increases options in sex when you have a flexible body.

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