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Meaghan Sittler
Where: 600 Brant Street
Phone: 905-358-4874
Email: info@meaghansittler.ca

After years of playing hockey and realizing my dream of playing on the USA Women’s Ice Hockey Team, I began to study the concepts and principles behind success. Success became not only about what I achieved in my life, but also about how I felt inside about myself. To me, true success means feeling good about yourself and having the inner confidence to live the life you desire. Truly confident people have an internal make-up that fosters success; confidence is not something they have to pretend to have, it is a part of their entire being. True confidence is something that can be achieved by anyone; to do so they must first develop the inner qualities, which in turn produces the outer results. Through different avenues of education, I have learned the principles of inner success and how to teach others to apply them to their life.

My Training

My range of formal training makes my way of Life Coaching quite unique. True empowerment encompasses mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual. With a Master’s degree in Social Work, along with training in Life Coaching, Energy Healing/ Energy Science, Reiki, and experience as an Elite Athlete, I use many tools to help my clients. My ultimate passion is to empower my clients to know that they can truly have peace, well-being, and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives, and to teach them how to tap into this internal power.

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Life Experience

Perhaps the most valuable life experience I draw from is the time I spent taking care of my mother while she was dying from cancer. My mother’s disease and death, taught me the importance and value of ultimate health, and how precious our time, bodies, well-being, spirits and lives are; it is so important to awaken to the life we desire so that it doesn’t pass us by. I have learned that each day is what we make it, and with the proper support, along with mental, physical, emotional nourishment, each day can become whatever it is we long for it to be. I strive to live each day of my life this way, and I have a great passion to help others do the same.


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