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J.W. Counselling Services
Where: 600 Brant Street
Phone: 905-581-7450
Email: january@therapyforlastingchange.com

Therapy can help with many issues including, but not limited to,

Emotional pain
Feelings of emptiness
Feeling “lost”
Parent-Child relationship problems
Marital conflict
Communication problems
Feelings of isolation
Feeling no one understands you
Relationship problems
Lack of passion or motivation
Struggles with mental health issues

What I offer is non-judgmental, non-biased compassionate support to help you to optimize your emotional well-being, empower you to take charge of your life and work along side you to overcome obstacles along the way.

Working together, not just to rid you of any unwanted behaviours, patterns, thoughts or problems but to move beyond that to help you realize your full potential, change the patterns that have contributed to your way of being now and to help you feel fulfilled and content.

I work with primarily with Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families. I also have many years of experience working with children. Please contact me directly to discuss my working with your child as this will be considered on a case by case basis.

– January Wilson, MSW, RSW.


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