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Into the Blu
Where: 430 Pearl Street, Unit 7
Phone: 905-639-9669
Email: info@intotheblu.ca
Website: intotheblu.ca

A Blu Room® is an octagon-shaped, mirrored, blue light environment that completely isolates you from the physical, mental and emotional stresses of the outside world, often times unseen and unknown.

Utilizing small amounts of soft medical narrowband phototherapy, and gentle healing frequency music, you lay, fully clothed on a bed comfortably in the middle of the Blu Room with protective eye covers on. The architecture, (based on Nicola Tesla’s geometric theories) and the mirrored surfaces, the frequencies and sounds, meet in the centre and are constantly reflected. Your DNA and every cell respond to this frequency immediately and relax as they receive soft narrowband UBV phototherapy and with all its life supporting effects.


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When it comes to skin, who doesn’t want theirs to be healthy and glowing? We have what you need to give yours the boost it deserves.
My View: Christina Drew
Living and owning a business in the downtown has been truly amazing! All I need is within walking distance.