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Burlington Ultrasound
Where: 760 Brant Street, Unit 2 & 3
Phone: (905) 637-7606

The resolution and image quality of medical ultrasound makes it one of the most important and indispensable diagnostic tools. Our three ultrasound suites are equipped with state of the art Ultrasound Units. Studies performed include general abdominal, vascular, colour doppler, obstetric and gynecology, musculoskeletal, and breast imaging, including timely access to ultrasound guided core biopsy of the breast.


Among the latest advances in ultrasound are 3D and 4D imaging. Both are similar to traditional (2D) ultrasound in that they all utilize sound waves to look inside the body. To create 3D images, an ultrasound system determines the volume of a subject, and then reconstructs the image in three dimensions. 4D is shorthand for four-dimensional, the further dimension being time; acquisitions using 4D result in live action images of internal anatomy. We were the first site in Canada to acquire a GE Voluson ultrasound unit equipped with this technology. Our experience in using 3D/4D imaging in our practice over the past few years as an adjunct to 2D studies has shown that the application of 3D imaging has lived up to its promise. For most studies, daytime, evening and Saturday morning appointments are available.

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